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2-day Event! Multi-Family & Apartment House Expo!

Chris Benedict

The following is direct from the expo information:

Philadelphia's First Annual Single/Multi-Family & Apartment House Expo is scheduled to take place on Saturday and Sunday, March 14th - 15th weekend.   

For those who do not know, Single & Small Multi-family properties is the most popular type of asset that people buy when it comes to cash-flow investing.   If you don't already have, 1, 5, 10, or 100 of these assets it is because you either don't understand the value to them, or just don't know how to get started.  If there is a way for you to get in and get 100% of all your money out in 6 months to a year would you do it, why not right?  Now I know it may sound ridiculous to anyone that has never heard of such a concept but this is really why we all do it and these strategies are done by Donald Trump and David Lindahl everyday.  All it takes is the know how to find motivated sellers, evaluate the opportunity, cut the deal, place the money and your done.  Once you get all the above mastered, the process is a walk in the park!  

After Single & Small Multi Family properties comes the business of going bigger.. we are talking Apartment Houses here.  To be a master at this game, you must know how to work with brokers to get deals or know how to find them yourself.  Then you will need to know how to value them, manage teams and get paid when you buy!  Knowing how to raise capital so you can do the entire business with no money out of pocket through private lenders, money partners or hard money doesn't hurt either.  

In the end both of the above business models are very simple but until you have the workflow down and all the right team members to make it happen it can be an uphill battle.  With that said, join us for our event to learn and meet everyone you could ever need to know in order to excel in this business...

What is more exciting is the opportunity to meet and learn all of the above topics from the best of the best investors in the Tri-State area.  Think about it.  How much easier will it be for you to apply strategies taught to you by the same people actively doing it in your very own backyard?   The speakers are not here to sell you programs. They are here to share what they know and spread the wealth.  

Dave Lindahl - Creative Success Alliance  
William Holly - Holly Nance
Aaron Fragnito - People's Capital Group
Dave Tran - Cheap Cheap Houses
Christopher Benedict - Big Realty
Ryan Fischer - Camaplan
Jim Zaspel - The Greater Philadelphia REIA
Marc Sherby - Sheriff Sale Guru
Susan Naftulin - Rehab Financial Group
Chris Tucker - Innovative Property Group  
Phil Falcon - Addicted to Real Estate  
Paul Ullman - Asset Based Lending  
David Hansel - Alpha Funding   
- & 10+ more speakers!